OME Presents: The Music of Biddy Healey & Chris Stover

We continue our new music series at The Lost Leaf with music from Biddy Healey & Chris Stover on Sunday 8/18 @ 9 PM.

Biddy Healey is a vocalist, cellist, cavaquinhista, composer, and writer. Her music is best described as songwriterly chamber jazz, with Brazilian influences. It sounds like Rickie Lee Jones meeting Arvo Pärt in the desert, Suzanne Vega having coffee with Bartok in the Village, Björk drinking whisky with Jobim.

Chris Stover is a composer, trombonist, and music scholar. His research interests include philosophies of time and process, Deleuze and Guattari studies, affect theory, gender, queer, and post-colonial theory, phenomenology, critical improvisation studies, rhythmic and microrhythmic processes in diasporic West African music, and the folkloric and popular music of Cuba and Brazil. His compositions explore process, growth, flux, and recontextualization, with careful and nuanced considerations of the relationships between melody and harmony and the ways these relationships can change over time.

When you meet folks like Biddy & Chris you get excited. They are as nice as they are talented and are absolutely brilliant. We couldn’t be happier that they have supported and made themselves an indispensable part of OME & the Phoenix creative scene. So come down to The Lost Leaf Sunday 8/18 at 9 PM and join us for this musical celebration!

No cover but tip your bartender.

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