“Orbitals” by Jeremy Muller

As the summer break ends and the fall semester is about to begin I am very pleased to announce the release of a new music video made in collaboration with Performer/Composer Jeremy Muller. Below is the YouTube link for “Orbitals”. Jeremy wrote the piece for me a couple of years ago and we’ve been working on this project for a while. So it’s really good to see that it has come together.

The work is for clarinet and mobile devices and is one of the cooler pieces I’ve played lately. Normally the mobile devices would be spread out through the audience but in order to create the video I was surrounded by several devices on the stage at Scottsdale Community College. For more information about Jeremy and his work please visit: http://jeremymuller.com

I hope you dig this video. It’s an exciting and awe-inspiring piece. Without further ado – “Orbitals” by Jeremy Muller! (and don’t forget to smash that like button):

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