OME Presents: Rincon, DeJarnett, & BA.ND_01

Once again OME is back at The Lost Leaf to bring the New Music vibes to the desert. This month we’ll be joined by two great artists who lay down that sweet, sweet electronic goodness. You know what I’m talking about!

First is my good friend Brendan Rincon. For years Brendan has developed his synth wizardry and getting ready to drop a record on an unsuspecting world! Which, of course, means we lucky few get a sneak preview of that which is to come! I’ve worked with Brendan a lot over the years and his thoughtfulness, willing to experiment, and deep love of sound at it’s most abstract & profound has always impressed me.

Meanwhile Megan DeJarnett is a Trumpet master who has only recently returned to the Valley. Earlier today she told me that we’ll be treated to a whole heap of Trumpet + Fixed Media – which is another way of saying: Some damn good electroacoustic stuff. I’ve only just started working with Megan over at PVCC and I gotta say: I am super excited to hear this. You should also check out her website and read what she has to say. To call it “prescient” is an understatement.

And last, but not least, Black Air Non-Determined (BA.ND_01) will be playing. Along with a new tune by Keith Kelly we’ll going through some our “hits”. So expect a little Dolphy, Bennett, & Latin-Psych Grooves. See you at The Lost Leaf!

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