Chef’s Choice: The Caribbean Clarinet

On March 3rd at 3 PM at The Newton I will be joining my good friend and badass ethnomusicologist Katie Palmer for a show highlighting clarinet works from the Caribbean. This show is part of an on-going series called “Chef’s Choice” by the Mill Avenue Chamber Players. Each show highlights one of the members of the quintet and the music they take the most inspiration from. For this show Dr. Palmer has chosen several works by composers like Jorge Montilla and Maurico Murcia Bedoya who utilize the exciting and, at times, mind-bending rhythms of the Caribbean to forge works that heavily feature the clarinet. I’m very excited about this show because A.) I adore Latin American Music, B.) I love playing with Katie (and the other folks I get to play with!), and C.) You will get a VERY RARE chance to see me playing Eb Clarinet! Get your tickets HERE and I’ll see you on March 3rd!

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