Datura + Static Announcements

At the Trunk Space on March 28th (7:30) we will be sharing the stage with electro-acoustic outfit Datura for an night of free-improv goodness.

DATURA is a media ensemble dedicated to using both digital and analog instruments and processes to create improvisational performances.

Static Announcements is an Electroacoustic Free Improv Trio. Ryan Anthony on Drums, Josh Bennett on Clarinets & Electronics, and Keith Kelly on Saxophones, Bass, & MISC. From frenetic sonic explosions, to delicate ambient soundscapes, to grooving beat-driven expressions Static Announcements looks to the intersection of the Electronic & Acoustic worlds while blending the diverse stylistic backgrounds of the band.

Together these two bands are an un-stoppable force of creativity. Hope to see you all there!

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