OME Presents: THR33 FOR ALL

Had enough of OME Presents? WELL TOO DAMN BAD.

This month is gonna be a fun one for sure. Along with Pinchushioned +1 (which features yours truly) OME is proud to present a show of trios for your monthly does of weirdness. The aforementioned Pincushioned +1 will also be joined by K-Oak-Hed and Hive Mind.

K-Oak-Hed features the improvisation of three of the Phoenix valley’s most talented musicians: Keith Kelly, Ashley Oakley, and Ben Hedquist. This power trio brings their instrumental chops to bare in ways that will make your head spin. Definitely grab a glass of your favorite complex beer, sit back, and be ready to expand your mind.

Hive Mind, meanwhile, is led by frequent OME collaborator Connor Sample. Connor’s music is as bombastic and frenetic as you can imagine so get ready for a steady dose of jazz-injected break beats and free imrpov! Mmmm….free improv – wouldn’t be a night at OME without a little of that…

SPEAKING OF – This whole affair will begin with me sitting in with my good friends Doug Nottingham and Barry Moon as Pincushioned +1. Pincushioned is the brainchild of both Moon and Nottingham and is an electro-acoustic nightmare gone bad (good?….weird?…idk) Pincushioned is one of my favorite local groups and I can’t be more excited to be invited to sit in with them!

As always this will take place at The Lost Leaf. So come on down December 15 at 9 PM, grab a drink, and hang with us! Proceeds of the performance will go to OME to help expand OME’s non-profit status!

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