Graphic Content

An evening of graphic scores and instruction-based music.

Disparate – Coexist by JP Lempke <– WORLD PREMIERE

Graphic Scores by Owen Davis

The Well and the Gentle (1983) by Pauline Oliveros

“The Well and the Gentle was commissioned by the Relache new music ensemble and was recorded on the Hat Art label. One of the more popular of Oliveros’ text based intuitive pieces, it is a work of sublime beauty. Musicians are given a different scale for each of the two sections with one rhythmic motif for the second section and instructions for musical interaction.”
-Deep Listening Institute

TIL Moment:

“[Graphic] Scores can blend conventional elements notation with the unconventional. The performer has to use the pictures to inspire his or her performance – it’s more like a guide, or a musical map.” -Classic FM

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